Friday, July 16, 2010

Days 85 to 91
- Your baby

Your baby's tiny fingers and toes are separate and the nails are beginning to form. Some hair may be growing too. Your baby's head can now move easily from side to side and up and down. Facial features are starting to develop too. There are about 100 millilitres, or three ounces, of amniotic fluid nourishing and protecting your baby.

Wow... you're reaching the end of your first trimester. Your womb is now larger and starting to rise above your pelvis. Your midwife or doctor will be able to feel it quite easily now. How's the yoga going? Most exercise can carry on throughout pregnancy, although you may want to avoid those high-impact aerobic routines or contact sports. Ask your midwife for advice. You should also ask about a FW8 form - this is so that you can claim your free prescription medicines and NHS dental care. Remember, if you work you're entitled to paid time off for all antenatal care - including scans and other tests and appointments.

Pregnancy tips: the second trimester is usually when mums-to-be feel less tired. If you're feeling more energised why not make the most of it with some low impact exercise? Swimming, walking or yoga are all great. But make sure you tell your yoga teacher or any fitness instructor that you're pregnant as some poses and exercises aren't suitable.

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